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Photo: Fred Dott

Whatever Beings

Whatever Beings was originally meant to be part of the Abstract Sculptures Series but I think it doesn’t fit the category for reasons of it’s admittedly remote referent: I am drawing from the more abstract works of Rene Magritte in the late 1920s, such as Imp of the Perverse (1927).

The geometry used to set up the canvas and the pictorial space is visible. The pattern of the circles are typical of the kind that make perfect squares, although this is hard to see. There is also an overlap of the pattern over itself with circles that are twice the size, creating a musical octave of sorts. The odd, amoeba-like shapes are actually produced by an algorithm, a set of rules, that I have a lot of freedom within. The effect, for me, is curious in that the shapes look related, and yet wildly separate from the network of circles that somehow make up their structure. I enjoy a kind of struggle for autonomy that I experience looking at these forms, as if the very force from which they spring is also that which limits their ability for self-definition, to put it rather esoterically.