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Photo: Fred Dott

Some Graphs

Some Graphs plays with three forms of graphic information communication and geometric abstraction. The work is a detail (conceptually speaking) of Who Are the Meek? What Will They Inherit? In this work, there is a strong set of figures that are nevertheless divided, cut through, even torn apart by the geometry from which they are constructed. I remember the first time seeing Fred Sandback’s work at the Dia Foundation in New York, and being so shocked to experience how, by very simple means, the geometric forms traced by coloured threads extending through the gallery space could tear apart the three dimensionality of the architecture that supports them. It was a matter of seeing the shapes as two-dimensional, as flat, even through the threads extend in space. This contrast between two and three dimensions is what I am attempting to find a painterly equivalent for in all of these works – in this work in particular.