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Photo: Fred Dott


Aaach is another painting in which I seek to materialize a word, although, like Hahahaha, I am approaching a gesture in language that one could argue is all about the desire of a person to evade being captured or defined in a certain moment and context. Along these lines, I was thinking about medieval poetry and painting, in which there is a great play with obscene bodily functions, often in the form of satirizing divine love. I guess what is coming out here is a need to understand something about grace – one can only grasp what it is when one has fallen from it. And so the letters tumble from the heavens and suffer a humiliation of their status. I’ll have to reflect a little longer on why the Pop Art sensibility in the colouration and playfulness of the lettering is so forcefully used here, however, I have always seen Pop as a means toward profaning things that are protected and held as sacred, such as the holy word, the notion of being concise or objective in the arts, and the use of sans-serif fonts to connote seriousness in typography.

One last thing: I am also searching for gestures in language that have an ability to roam across cultural specificities. It is remarkably difficult to find such gestures!