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Metafizzicks, 2023


Metafizzicks is a return to symbolic play that I focused on in the series of works titled, Something About Symbols and Numbers, more specifically, the work Paradoxymoron. I’ve returned to a similar structure that is an interpretation of a set design for The Rakes Progress by David Hockney. For Metafizzicks, I’ve translated the sketch using the compass and circle technique, which adds a whole new dimension to the manner in which the different signs function in terms of their semiology – the representative elements either obey or reject the geometric construction of the space. At the base of it all is a great struggle between human languages of gesture, text and speech (the word is spelled out as it sounds) in contrast to the rational language of geometry. That said, my use of geometry, throughout my work, is often wildly intuitive and, at times, irrational, but never irreverant.