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Everyday Sculptures in a Sculpted Space

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Everyday Sculptures in a Sculpted Space

Everyday Sculptures in a Sculpted Space continues a fascination I have with topiary gardens and sculpted trees, bushes, schrubs etc. that I encounter often in German small towns. I think it’s obvious why I like them – these pruned, organic beings live out the perverse fantasy of a divine order in the world based on pure forms as described by geometry and in philosophies dating back to Ancient Greece.

There is a matrix of circles that form a grid. All of the elements are structured in relation to it in some form. The circles are drawn with a compass but then quickly painted by hand in such a manner that you see how the brush strokes trace their form imperfectly. I enjoy, once again, a battle between a hierarchy of forms – those of the imperfect circles vs. the pictorial elements that make up the quiet drama of the scene.