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Photo: Fred Dott

A Problem; of Sight

A Problem; of Sight is the first painting where I integrated a rough, free-hand sketch with a technique of translating it to a much larger scale using an algorithm that involves a compass and a ruler. Somewhere at the back of my mind was Albrecht Dürer’s Melancholia, though the painting is not meant to be a re-staging of the etching by any stretch of the imagination. The sketch was originally a gut response to the restrictive living conditions brought on by the global pandemic.

The pictorial space is heavily distorted between an isometric view (that is sometimes used in design or architectural renderings), a naive use of perspective in landscape painting and the intensive space created by the interweaving of circles and patterns that are the product of the algorithmic process. My favourite moment in the image is the little modern painting within the house – the composition of the staged work is literally a sampling of the structural geometry by which the overall painting is constituted. It is a pure painting!