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Jeremy Shaw: Phase Shifting Index

In: Jeremy Shaw, eds.: Christine Macel and Simon Castets

Centre Pompidou; Swiss Institute, Paris; New York, 128 – 137.



Phase Shifting Index is a seven-channel video, sound and light installation that uses science fiction, documentary, VFX and synchronization to complicate narrative temporality. The over-arching story is structured as a revisionary look from a distant point in the future at a familiar past in which human beliefs and survival are at stake. Each film documents the embodied, choreographic practices of one of seven different subcultural groups across time who are forerunners of a humanity that has recognized the existence of parallel realities. Through the use of synchronized media, the artwork aims toward a climactic rupture as a point of social alignment. The work is a continuation of Shaw’s interest in exploring belief by conflating analysis and experience, critical reflection and active participation in both knowledge and cultural production.